Tuesday, June 24, 2014

COOL or WARM - What are you?

Choosing which colours to wear can often be confusing as each season you feel pressured to wear colours that are in fashion, regardless of whether they really suit you or not.

Rather than slavishly following fashion, it is more important to wear colours that best flatter you, making you appear vibrant and youthful with that wow factor.

White or cream?

Whether we fit into the warm-based or the cool-based category is determined by our skin, eyes and hair colour. If you change the colour of your hair dramatically then yes, it can change the colours that best suit you.

Look at your wrist under bright sunlight (this will not work under artificial light).

If you have visible pink in your skin, you are a cool-based person. If, on the other hand, you have visible yellow in your skin, you are a warm-based person.

Another way of telling is to sit in front of a mirror, without make-up, and place a piece of white fabric over your clothes, up to your neck. How does your face look? Is it flushed, tired, drawn? Or does it shine and look more alive?

Then place a piece of cream fabric up to your face. How does this make your face look? Do you look better or worse than with the white colour?

If the white suits you better, you are a cool-based person. If, however, the cream suits you better, you are a warm-based person. I have never met a person that suits both white and cream; it is always one or the other,

Cool or warm?

If you are cool-based, you will then be either a summer or a winter person. If you are warm-based, you will be either spring or autumn.

You can, of course, be a combination of the two cool colours and be able to wear both summer and winter colours. And of course a warm--based person could suit both spring and autumn colours. But you will not suit, say, summer and spring, as one is cool-based and the other is warm-based.

Think about what colours you are wearing when others comment on how great you look. Coversely, if you hear people say that you look tired or flushed, then perhaps you are not wearing a flattering colour.

Certain colours flatter specific colour types, making your face look healthier and more vibrant, while other colours can make you appear tired and your skin dull or flushed.

Excerpt from my bestselling book BEAUTIFUL YOU (no part of this can be reproduced with my prior written permission). To read more click here http://www.denysesaunders.com/books.html

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