Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Look Younger with Youthful Hands…

You know the old, saying, “Look at a woman’s hands to know her age!”

Unfortunately it is true. Many women look after their face but forget about their hands. Oh it is so obvious when you sit next to a young female and that is when you notice how old your hands have really become. I know because I have done it!

I am sure you already know that the quickest way to age your hands is through over exposure to the sun. This does not just come from sunbathing, but everyday activities like hanging out the washing, driving the car and gardening.

Even if you do have some sun damage you can start right now to look after your precious hands by wearing a Factor 30 Sunblock each and every day – even on overcast days.

  • Moisturise them often at the office, at the kitchen bench…
  •  Always wear gloves when you do any housework.
  • Always wear gloves when you do any gardening.

But one quick way to look more youthful is too have the current look in nail enamel.

Today’s most current look in fingernails is a bit shorter –not really short –but long talons are definitely out!

Forget false nails and go a la naturalle unless of course you have problem nails and require gel nails. 

But don’t go overlong –opt for just past your fingers.

Pointy nails are out and a squarer shape is in.

Most fashionable colour choices are black or white.

But if you are not into those colours – natural nails in a French polish pink.

Or the reverse French Nails –which is a bit trendy for my liking and will soon date. 

If you don’t like black nail enamel try a pearl white this way you won't look like you have put WhiteOut on your nails and it is really faltering and makes your tan look great and your hands youthful and fashionable. One of the best whites is Essie Marshmallow and for a French Pink look go with Avon's Sheer French Pink and best blacks are OPI, ZOYA and Chanel.

Wishing you a GREAT day!

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