Friday, February 22, 2013

One Hour To A Younger Looking You!

One of my biggest bug-bears is yellow teeth! They are so aging!

Especially when it is so easy to do something about that today!

When someone is speaking, despite what we are told, we don’t look at their eyes; we actually look at their mouth, because it is moving. Therefore we focus on their teeth!

Yellow teeth instantly age you!

White teeth make you appear far more youthful.

Going to a specialist tooth whitener is not as expensive as it used to be. Look them up in your local area.
But of course whitening toothpastes help along with whitening pens…

When you have beautiful teeth you smile more often and a smile is the quickest facelift in the world!

Hope you have a Positively Fabulous day!

Drew Barrymore with yellow teeth 

Helen Mirren with white teeth, notice how you focus on her beautiful smile!

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