Thursday, February 28, 2013

Myer Winter Fashion Collections…will these clothes make you rush out and buy up large?

Retail fashion clothing sales are way down… they have been declining for years now! For several reasons: the recession, household shopping is up, internet shopping is on the increase and at the end of the day we can keep wearing our old favourites, but we must eat!

So with the new season upon us, will you be inspired to rush out and buy the new season’s winter fashions? Do you think they will suit you or are they just for the super young and the super skinny?

We all know that designer fashion collections are always way out there and generally very unrealistic for 90% of women to wear. We also know that retail fashion takes its cue from these designers and pares them down to more realistic, commercial, every day wear for the majority of us mere mortals.

But what about when a retailer shows these fashions as the clothes we are meant to wear? Are they really realistic for the majority of women or only for models? 

Do you think they have got it right?

Or should they show and sell clothes that most women really will wear this year?

After all how women do you see wearing these clothes?

Therefore why do they keep showing us these clothes?

Let’s take a look at how you can look fashionable this year without looking ridiculous!

Overall black and white are the two main colours with a splash of colour.

White by itself is not a flattering look unless you have a perfect size 8 body – as do the models! White adds kilos to our body form and highlights every bump – not a good look.

But black with accent of white look fabulous – it is a classic.

Wearing all gold can look very trashy, but worn with black it looks glamorous. 

Top-to-toe leather and you will look like a bikie chick, but one piece (faux leather I prefer) looks edgy.

For more of my tips on how to look Positively Fabulous in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s… watch my 30 minute video on how to know what styles and colours best flatter your particular figure shape and colouring…which I will be emailing out this weekend in my DS Newsletter March issue…


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