Sunday, February 3, 2013

World Cancer Day what causes it also is the cause of premature aging…

Today is World Cancer Day and listening to the CEO of The Cancer iHeard explaining what their scientific studies tell us cause cancer as well he was busting all the myths about what cause cancer. It was very interesting. But what struck me was that the 3 very things that cause cancer are the 3 very things that will age a person prematurely!

They are:

  • Sun
  • Smoking
  • Bad Diet

I know we have heard that before. But the truth is the truth!

Just for the record these are some of his myth busters about causing cancer, he said these do not cause cancer…

  • Deodorants
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Stress

As he said about stress. It is NOT stress that causes cancer BUT stress leads to poor lifestyle choices that cause cancer!

But those 3 cancer things are the top premature aging things too!

SUN: Sun will age your skin up to 20 years –in other words you will look 20 years older than what you really are! Simply because you over baked your skin in the sun! So simple to avoid!

SMOKING: Smoking will age both your inside and your looks by up to 15 years. So not only will your insides be old so too will you look 15 years older. It is never too late to stop!

BAD DIET: Well we all know what a bad diet does - it puts on weight! Putting huge stress on your internal organs thus causing health issues that age you both internally and externally. Whilst an obese person may look like they don’t have as many wrinkles because they are puffed out with the fat, they still look old because they cannot move like a youthful person can! It is better to be a bit slimmer with a few wrinkles and be healthy, than obese without wrinkles but very unhealthy!

The way we look and feel is in our own hands! It is quite simply up to us to look after our self as no one else is going to do it for us.

I hope you have a GREAT day!

Brigitte Bardot – Sun, smoking and bad diet take their toll even on this once beautiful woman!
She was once known as the Bikini Girl – but a lifetime of sun and cigarettes have taken their toll on Brigitte Bardot.The greying goddess is a textbook example of the long-term dangers of too much sun and too much smoking and bad diet choices.

Smoking what many once thought of as glamorous is destroying you from within!

Brigitte Bardot a long time a heavy smoker says she eats little and nibbles on chocolate for lunch.

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