Monday, February 25, 2013

How to find the perfect fitting bra…which will take kilos off instantly!

It is what we wear underneath that realty counts…the perfect fitting bra will do wonders for your figure shape!

I wonder why it is that some women still insist on buying many new clothes, but keep wearing the same old bra. When it is far cheaper to buy a new bra than a piece of clothing and it will make the clothing that you already have look so much better on!

If there is one thing you do for yourself this season, go to a trained corsetiere and be fitted correctly, you will be so glad you did.

Nothing can substitute being fitted correctly. Never buy off the rack without trying a bra on first. Worse still, buy those horrible bras they advertise on TV that will do absolutely nothing for you!

A good bra fit…

  • A pleasing cup shape: that works well with your natural breast shape and enhances it.
  • It will produce good breast uplift or support: this will make you appear slimmer, check your bustline uplift standing side on to the mirror.
  • Adequate breast separation: breasts should not be squashed together or have excess bulk under the arm.
  • Cups that are large enough to fully support the breasts: each breast should be able to go completely down and out into the cup, with no bulging of the breast over the neckline or armhole edges and no skin against under the breast.
  • The underwire should sit correctly: the centre of the bra will sit snugly against the sternum/rib cage.
  • Shoulder straps won’t fall over the shoulders or they won’t dig into the shoulders causing a deep groove: wide good quality elastic shoulder straps with padding will prevent this.
  • The back won’t ride up: the shape of the bra should be deeper and its lower edge should be angled down at the centre back to taper in with the ribcage.

There are hundreds of perfect fitting bras that are gorgeous, pretty, beautiful and sexy too! But remember in this case you get what you pay for! Go for a quality bra that has been fitted correctly!

Happy BRA Shopping!

What colour bra sells most to men?

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