Sunday, January 20, 2013

Facelift in your Fridge!

Don’t you get sick of all these adverts about how to lose weight if you buy this or that or look how to look younger if you use this cream or that serum?? I certainly do!

Because it is the beginning of a New Year and many people want to start off right and try to stick to their New Year resolutions we are deluged with adverts about how to look and be slim ONLY if you BUY their product and of course nobody else’s!

When really it is quite simple to look, feel and be your best at very little cost if you have a strong sense of self discipline. I know, I know, that it is one of the hardest things to do in world!!  Monitor oneself!

But nevertheless here it is!

If you really want to look younger then you must start off by eating right! No I don’t mean go on a diet! As that is the last thing you should do!

1.       Simply choose the correct foods when you go grocery shopping.

2.       East these foods that you have purchased.

3.       Only have one takeaway type meal a week.

4.       Drink lots of water with lemon juice in it!

5.       Limit alcohol consumption daily.

To look younger all you have to do is eat fruit and vegetables every day with some lean protein. You will start to see a difference e in your skin within three days. The longer you do this the younger you will look and of course the side benefit is that you will lose weight! 

I don’t mean become skinny as that is really very unattractive and of course it is very aging. You want to be a healthy weight if you wish to look younger than your years. Fine to be skinny when you are young but as we age we require a little more on our bones if we want to look the best that we can for our age!

Sugar is the culprit for aging your face and body and of course putting on weight as it inflames your precious body. The natural sugar in fruit is completely fine unlike added sugar to your food or drinks.

Here is a sample of what I eat daily, remember I am a vegetarian so you need to adapt it to lean meat instead of soy products.

5am: Glass of ice cold water with lemon juice.

7am: Bowl of fresh Rock Melon, All Bran and Soy Yogurt.
Plus a cup of black coffee.

10am: Glass of water with lemon juice.
Handful of unsalted nuts and dried Cranberries.
Plus a cup of black coffee.

1pm: Either a bowl of Fresh Fruit with Soy Yogurt or a Fresh Salad with Tofu or Soup.
Glass of water with lemon juice.
Plus a cup of black coffee.

Throughout the afternoon I have several glasses of ice gold water with lemon juice in it. Every time I feel a bit hungry I have glass of water. Lemon juice cleanses your liver and when you have healthy liver you lose weight.

4pm: Glass of water with lemon juice.
Handful of unsalted nuts and dried Cranberries.

6pm: 1 or 2 grated raw carrot and a glass of red wine.

7pm: Either a plate of Vegetables with Tofu or a Salad with Tofu.

My rules are:

  • Never have coffee after lunch.
  • Never eat or drink after dinner at night.
  • Never eat salted nuts.
  • Cut the skin of the lemons then slice and put in your water jug in the fridge.

Give it try and see how great you will look and feel!

Look, feel and be Positively Fabulous!
Be the Best YOU can Be!
Ciao Bella

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