Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chanel Paris Fashion Week 2013…

It is currently Paris Fashion Week, the most fabulous fashion week in the fashion year calendar. That is if you like looking at clothes that you will never wear! But if you enjoy the fantasy of fashion then you will be in your element!

As I have said before fashion fades but style is forever actually Coco Chanel said that! So I wonder what she would think of these creations by the Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Personally I think they are beautiful, but totally unsuitable to wear frankly anywhere! I prefer clothes that I can actually wear out on the street and not look and feel like an idiot. I don’t mind being different and sticking to the style that suits me regardless of current fashion but to dress up like Barbie Doll no thank you!

What is great about watching the fashion collections from Paris is that it gives us ideas of how to create looks that suit us. That is what I love about our Australian and New Zealand designers; they adapt current fashion trends to commercial everyday clothes that suit the country we live in.

Find a designer or fashion store that stocks your kind of clothes and stick with them!

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