Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lose Weight and Gain a Friend!

One of my friends for years has gone to the gym to lose weight, despite the fact that she actually did not lose any weight, she persisted!

After not seeing her for a couple of months we met for coffee. I was stunned when in walked this svelte sexy looking woman in a slim fitting dress. She looked positively fabulous!

Of course I could not help comment and ask how she did it?

“Easy,” she answered, “I bought a dog!”

“I walk him for half an hour each day,” she smiled, “and the weight just melted off”.

I asked, “Did you change your diet as well?”

“No, I changed nothing; it was just adding a half hour walk to my day.”

So all those years of going to the gym never shifted the weight, but as soon as she started walking, off the fat melted and of course she gained beautiful cuddly friend.

This only confirmed what I already knew, that walking daily is the best and cheapest form of exercise for all us, combined with some stretching such as Pilates or yoga. The gym is great though if you want to tone up as well.

Happy Walking!

Photograph: Nicolette Sheridan walking her dog

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